Wedding Planning Tips

11/07/2021 by

  • Consider the little budget items such as postage, delivery, permits and accommodation the night before your wedding. These small items all add up and can blow out your budget.

  • Get quotes, at least two to three for each service and don’t be afraid to shop around.

  • Contingency plan! If you have an outdoor ceremony, tentatively book a venue just in case!

  • Less stress! Allow plenty of planning time, do what you want to do and make the day about you and your partner. At the end of the day you will be glad you did!

  • Don’t forget to eat and drink throughout the day, staying hydrated and snacking throughout the day will allow you to party into the night!

  • Consider a wedding coordinator, instead of relying on family and friends to do jobs before and on the wedding day. A wedding coordinator will be there the whole time to set up, ensure the day runs well and smooth over any issues.

  • Remember what is important – Stress and fights are not what the planning process is about.

  • Stuck, confused or stressed? Bring in a professional to help get you on track or to fully plan for you!

  • View the ceremony location at the time of day you are to be married, to allow for the sun, shade and layout of the site.
  • Get the big things sorted, and then plan the small details.

  • Make a list for your photographer for family photos, to make sure no one gets forgotten on the day. A list allows the photographer to keep things moving and doesn’t rely on you to organise everyone.
  • Book early! More and more couples are having longer engagements therefore booking further and further out for their wedding. Don’t miss out on your dream venue or perfect celebrant.  
  • Smile, breathe and enjoy the day you have worked so hard to plan!