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Part of the dream of getting married is looking as beautiful as you can and floating around the floor like Cinderella.

Why not take dancing lessons?

Anyone can dance it just takes Patience & Determination. 
Use the following tips if having lessons to get you one step closed to a fairytale first dance.

  • Allow enough time to rehearse and form a routine. At least 6 weeks is recommended (If you allow one or two lessons you will find you don’t have enough confidence and will feel uncomfortable).
  • Allow time to practice between lessons. If you a having a lesson once a week, practice a couple of times in-between. You will be surprised with the difference it makes.
  • Practice in the shoes you plan on wearing on the Wedding day as they may be difficult to move in and it will save you feeling unbalanced or getting blisters.
  • If you are wearing a hoop under the wedding gown wear it on your last 2 lessons to see how you go with all the steps. (It may look funny at your lesson but its better to do it then rather than not being able to move on the day.)
  • Be patient & kind to each other. It wont work if you constantly argue or blame each other for doing the wrong step. You need to encourage each other to build up your self-esteem.
  • Practice smiling when you dance. This may sound silly but you will end up dancing on the day the way you practice it. So if you have a frown or very serious face at practice most likely that’s what you will have on your day.

By J Dennis. 
Dancing Instructor