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Make sure your last night as a free women is spent the way you envisaged.

Although traditionally the Matron of Honor is in charge of organising the Hens Party – it is more common for the Bride-To-Be to have a lot to do with the preparation. If you are unsure on what to do for your last hurrah take a look at the below suggestions.

  1. Night Out On The Town: 
    Ok, this is a more then obvious idea, but one that is always fun. The Bride-To-Be is usually dressed up in something embarrasing to make her stand out, with lots of drinking and dancing at local pubs and clubs.
  2. Pamper Party:
    Need to relax from all the stressful wedding preparations? Why not have a pamper party. Invite all your girlfriends over for a relaxing night of quiet drinks and pampering. Make sure all guests bring their slippers and dressing gowns, set-up manicure and pedicure stations around your living room as well as anything else that can help you all relax (i.e. handheld back massagers, foot spas etc). You could even hire a massage or beauty therapist to make the night even more beneficial.
  3. Pole Dancing:
    Pole Dancing is becoming more popular not only for exercise but also for Hens Parties. This would be a barrel of laughs and something that many of your guests may not have already tried.
  4. Limousine To A Fun Destination:
    Why not get a few of your closest friends together, stock yourself with some nice bottles of bubbly, pack a picnic basket full of nibblies and get driven around like royalty in a limousine!
  5. Adult Toy/Lingerie Party:
    For those of you who can handle the embarrassment and enjoy a good laugh, a Adult Toy or lingerie party may be an option for you.
  6. Movie Night:
    If a laid back night is more your style why not grab out the bean bags, popcorn and lollies and spend the night watching all the romantic wedding movies that you used to dream of being in.
  7. Wine Tour:
    The Riverina is a great area for wine tours. Hire a bus, or contact the local bus company to organise a fun filled day of travelling around the local region tasting all the fine wine.