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Traditionally, a weddings cake was made from light or dark fruit cake, masked with marzipan and iced with pettinice (wedding cake icing).

Today, the wedding cake can be as unique as the bride & groom desires. When deciding on your wedding cake take into account design & colour scheme, amount of guests & budget.

Design & Colour Scheme:

Designs of wedding cakes can be found in wedding & cake magazines, however rather then buying magazines in search of a design as idea is to borrow these books from your local library or search on the internet.


If the design chosed features a cake with multiple tiers a cheaper alternative is to have some or all the tier cut from foam and tipped with icing. Your reception venue can then hold a slab of your chosen cake covered in wedding icing ready to be served to guests. Guests will never know that the cake was fake and it can save a significant amount of money.

Amount Of Guests:

When the design is finalised your cake maker/decorator should be able to give you a guideline of how many guests it will serve. If the cakes current size is inappropriate you may want to decrease the size to save money or increase to ensure all guests will be served.

First Year Anniversary:

Many couples choose to keep their top tier to be eaten on their first anniversary for tradition. Please note: the top tier will need to be made out of fruit cake and iced with pettinice to ensure its eatability.