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The common trend in weddings today is to create a unique wedding, something new and memorable, so why not break tradition?

Instead of having the brides father give her away in the ceremony – why not be given away by your mother, both of your parents or your own children (if applicable).

Instead of your first dance being a Bridal Waltz why not have a look at YouTube for inspiration and wow your guests with a rehearsed dance.

Have a mixed bridal party – If the bride or groom’s best friend is of the opposite sex it doesn’t mean they can’t be in their side of the bridal party. A male friend can be a bridesmaid and the same goes for a female being a groom.

Lets face it – Women have a lot to say so why not say a speech aswell as or instead of the groom?

Other Ways to make a difference:

Add a touch of humour to your vows. Why not promise something that is personal to you both i.e. I promise to let my husband go fishing with the guys once a month.

Have a surprise wedding. Invite friends and family over for a cocktail party and surprise them all by getting married. (You may need to tell some important people before hand, some family members may be devastated that they didn’t get a chance to help you plan your wedding day).

Have your wedding rings engraved with your partners name, wedding date or a saying i.e. ‘Always & Forever’.

In garden weddings use rose petals as an aisle.

As a thank you – send a CD of your wedding photos with a thank you note in the cover.

Decorate the restrooms with flowers and incense to make a lasting impression or elegance.

Choose a significant date. Valentines Day, New Years Eve or a sentimental date will add a great theme to your wedding.