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10 cute bomboniere ideas

{ 10 cute bomboniere ideas }
I get asked about ideas for bombonieres all the time. It is one of those great little additions that you can really wow your guests with, if done well. I always advise not to waste money on things that guests won't ever use, like a pen or bottle stopper. You know I am right, how many of those do you have tucked up the back of your drawer? I think the safest bet is to have something they can consume or put to good use. Make sure you theme it with your wedding!

#1 - Packaged macarons

#2 - Lollies in a jar

#3 - Personalised rock candy

#4 - Homemade jam

#5 - Handmade soap

#6 - Donation to a charity

#7 - Potted plant/herb

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