Creating Lasting Memories for Your Wedding Ceremony

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Creating Lasting Memories of Your Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding is one of the most significant days in your life.   Here are some tips to help you be calm and relaxed during your wedding ceremony.

  • Be in the moment during your ceremony

As you stand together as bride and groom during the ceremony you are creating memories that will last a life time. Remember the sentiments, the emotions, the people, the music and the setting.   You will talk about these memories over and over during the coming years and they will be as vivid as the day they happened.


  • Smile and show your joy

Smile at your partner often during the ceremony and share the happiness you feel. Look for familiar faces amongst your guests and give them a smile. They will love it and it will help you to relax.  The photos taken on the day will capture your happiness for all time.


  • Add personal touches to your ceremony

Involve special people in the ceremony and include personal aspects in the content to create meaningful memories. Your celebrant can help you with this.


  • Avoid a last minute rush

Do as much of the preparation as possible in the months and weeks preceding your wedding.  Delegate some tasks to reliable friends and family to help keep the preparations smooth and calm. Consider engaging a wedding coordinator to manage the planning and to take stress off you and your family.


  • Get the most out of your rehearsal

Ask questions at the rehearsal so that you are familiar and confident about the arrangements for your ceremony. If possible hold the rehearsal at the time of day as the ceremony (or visit the ceremony site at the same time of day) to ensure you are not looking into the sun. Touch base with your photographer about the best placement of bridal party.


  • Manage your time well on your wedding day

Allow time on your wedding day to feel relaxed.  When making appointments calculate travel times involved.  Even if everyone is coming to you, allow some time for unexpected delays.

  • Keep hydrated with water prior to the ceremony

This applies for both hot and cold weather

Congratulations on your forthcoming marriage. May your wedding ceremony be beautiful and full of lasting memories.

Yvonne McPhie

Marriage Celebrant

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