8 Tips to start your wedding planning

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So the questions has been asked and it now seems like a long journey of planning before the champagne is popped on your wedding day.
Here are a few tips and things to think about to get your wedding planning off to a flying start.

1. Talk to your fiancé (that feels weird to day) - No point rushing into things before you have a chance to talk about what you both want, a budget and how you both want to be involved.
For me the prefect answer came from my fiancé, 'I don't care, you do it all' - heaven to a wedding planners ears, but I could always go to back with ideas or a final decision, which I think was secretly enjoyed and appreciated!
The ideal wedding planning for most couples is working together towards your big day, so make the most of the time together planning and enjoy it, don't let it become a task.   

2. Check your dates - not only with the wedding suppliers but also check in with key members of bridal party, family and other friends recently engaged, if they haven't announced their date.

3. Before you book - Make sure you have the key wedding suppliers all lined up for your wedding day, there is no point booking the photographer and cermony and reception venue if the celebrant you love is not going to be available.

4. Pay the deposits - make sure you understand what is required to book your suppliers. Most will require a deposit and payment before the wedding, besides you don't want to be on your honeymoon paying wedding bills.

5. Get recommendation from your wedding suppliers - They work in the industry and with other suppliers everyday. Ask for their advice and contacts, they will be more than happy to share.

6. Budget - When setting a budget try to consider all the little things such as postage, thank you cards and accommodation, these 'little things' add up and can easily blow your budget. It is hard to think of everything, but a consultation session from a wedding planner can help to identify these items, let you know what not to spend you money on, saving you in the long run.

7. Don't stress - if you and your fiancé don't enjoy planning or if either of you get to stressed, get some help. Family and friends are always looking for ways to help during wedding planning, but beware sometimes they start to plan the wedding their way, so make your instructions clear. 

The other option is a wedding planner they are a great resource, they will follow your visions and wishes, making your wedding day the way YOU want it.

8. WEDDING WEEK - Ask anyone who is already married the most stress is normally in the week leading up to the wedding. My best advice for any couple is to hand over to a wedding coordinator, they can organise all suppliers, set up ceremony or reception, assist you during ceremony rehearsals if required and be the contact person for your wedding, so you don't get an update about insignificant issues every ten minutes.

Good luck and enjoy the planning process! 


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