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Something Blue

I am a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to weddings, so I love to keep wedding traditions going. I incorporated something old (my mothers garter), something borrowed (my mothers garter), something new (my wedding dress) and something blue (blue ribbon on my garter) when I was married. Here are some fun ideas for your something blue.

2012 Grooms wear trends

Double-breasted jacket
This is a very retro trend and very fashionable for men right now. Embrace this theme for your wedding with the groom in a double-breasted jacket.

No tie
A very casual and relaxed feel for the groom with no tie. Perfect for the groom who doesn’t like to wear ties or if you are having a more relaxed wedding.

Light coloured suits
The groom will look very stylish in a light coloured suit. Look for pale greys, creams, bone and light browns to really make the groom stand out.


Shimmered suits
No, we are not talking metallic gold or glittered. More a light shimmer through the suit. This trend is very hot for men at the mom …