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A dance to impress!

The Bridal Waltz is one of those things that a lot of couples overlook or push the idea to the side and then later regret. While some couples prefer the traditional wedding format or something different and creative, you too, can finish off the night with some elegant ballroom poses or shake it out to Latin American style music.
It all comes down to ‘The Dancing Lessons’.
Most people say they can’t dance, but only because they haven’t learnt to listen to their inner rhythm. Your chosen dance teacher will have the ability to break down an individual’s movement and correct them, in order to make that individual feel more comfortable, and in time, will build up t …

Overseas honeymoon destinations (on our doorstep)

Overseas honeymoon destinations (right on our doorstep)
If you are craving an overseas adventure but don’t want to venture too far then these places are what you are looking for.

A quick 6 hour flight will get you to Bali. It is beautiful and luxurious and best of all cheap! If you want your own private villa with a plunge pool and butler you can have it and at a fraction of the price you will pay for it anywhere else. Some of the popular locations to stay are Seminyak, Ubud and Uluwatu. The Gili islands just off Lombok are stunning and secluded for perfect for a romantic honeymoon.

Just a 4 hour flight from Sydney and you will land in the beautif …

10 cute bomboniere ideas

{ 10 cute bomboniere ideas }
I get asked about ideas for bombonieres all the time. It is one of those great little additions that you can really wow your guests with, if done well. I always advise not to waste money on things that guests won’t ever use, like a pen or bottle stopper. You know I am right, how many of those do you have tucked up the back of your drawer? I think the safest bet is to have something they can consume or put to good use. Make sure you theme it with your wedding!

#1 – Packaged macarons

#2 – Lollies in a jar

#3 – Personalised rock candy

#4 – Homemade jam

#5 – Handmade soap

#6 – Donation to a charity

#7 – Potted plant/herb

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